“Horses are the bridge, veterans are their own best therapy.”

– Patrick Benson

War Horses

For Veterans

War Horses for Veterans is the premier horsemanship, networking and personal growth program in the U.S. We are a Kansas City based nonprofit that brings combat veterans from across the country together in a safe and peaceful environment. Our 3-4 day programs are designed to teach the basics of horsemanship and create a network that will provide outlets for other opportunities and friendships. We use a combination of learning to work a horse, creating new networks and equine assisted life coaching to help each veteran with their own personal growth.

This a program developed by Combat Veterans for Combat Veterans.

There is no cost to the veteran. Veterans may return as often as they like, as long as they bring another combat veteran.

We harness horse power to empower communities

Together we can empower the aspirations of the men and women who’ve protected us. When you support WHFV, you’re doing more than supporting the troops; you’re empowering families, neighbors and your community.


Empower a Combat Vet 1:21

At WHFV, it all starts with a horse and ends with empowerment.

Gary & Loyd 11:20

Incredible story about two Vietnam vets reconnecting at WHFV for the first time since the war.

First Responders Program  1:31

Helping first responders and the Covid-19 shutdown.

Farm Progress Show 1:35

Experience How A Horse Can Change A Solider’s Life

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