War Horses for Veterans is a three-day equine and networking experience. Veterans will have the opportunity to bond with horses, as well as each other, in a safe and comfortable country environment.

We provide veterans a peaceful break from everyday life challenges, giving them a chance to have quality time to clear their minds, share stories in a judgment-free space and enjoy some of the best midwest food.

Our commitment to combat veterans go beyond a weekend experience, we introduce them to a network of people able and willing to support them long after the uniform comes off, all in the spirit of community.

I served in the US Army Infantry from January 2002 until June 2013. Like you and many Veterans, I served in many deployments to Iraq throughout my tenure. Also, like most Veterans I suffered from depression and PTSD and still do today. When I talked to Pat about the program I knew he was on to something big here with helping Veterans. So I went to the War Horses for Veterans program and had an incredible experience throughout the weekend. Bonding with the horses and the environment took all my everyday issues away. The program is surrounded by Veterans who actually care about your well-being and your family. Patrick and I talk weekly which really makes this an experience that doesn’t go away. The founder Andy Brown, you will never find a more impressive and kind individual. This man cares about what you have done for this country and is giving back to you. So, I ask you personally, to take the time to check out the program. It will be beneficial to you and your family, it was for mine. Thank you for your service and we hope to meet you soon.

Corey W.May 2015

I served in the Minnesota Army National Guard from 2006 until 2014. During that time I completed a deployment to Iraq from 2009 - 2010. I've always had a love for horses and own 3. After I came back from deployment, one of the only ways I found peace was when I was riding or working with my horses. A friend from college had posted the War Horses for Veterans site on her Facebook page, so naturally I was curious. I'm certainly not the best trainer or rider for that matter, but what I learned in one weekend with Patrick Benson has completely changed me, and my horses, for the better. It was a stress-free environment with hands-on education. I learned so much more in those two days than I had ever learned in any lessons I took from other trainers. I was also very impressed with his horses. A few that I rode were only 3 and 4 years of age. However, these horses rode like they were 20. I've never ridden horses that young that were that responsive. The horses are very safe and are great confidence builders. It was a great weekend all together! I would highly recommend this program to any combat vet. I experienced an absolutely stress-free weekend with great company. The individuals running the program are all wonderful! They all were outstanding hosts.

Samantha N.June 2015

I served in the Army as Combat Engineer 12B, from September 2006 - Jan 2014, with a deployment to Iraq from 2010-2011. I was medically retired for numerous emotional and physical injuries which haunt me even now after numerous treatment processes . I Had such an amazing time with some very amazing people. They made me feel like family and for the first time since being retired, I felt alive and wasn't all wound up, nervous and on guard inside. Being around the horses was like nothing I have ever experienced and Rifle, (the horse I worked with), seemed to sense every emotion I was feeling and somehow seemed to calm me. I didn't know how connecting and bonding with other Veterans who share similar experiences, bonding and connecting with horses, and simply just being away from your everyday life could make such an amazing difference. This is a unique and awesome program. Thank you, Andy and Pat Brown, Patrick Benson and Family, Corey Willey , and everyone else involved in making this weekend the best I've had in a very long time!!!

Gregg R.August 2015


Andy Brown


Andy Brown, with his wife Pat, owns a pipeline supply company. Over the years, he has employed numerous veterans of war. Andy has been a trail rider since his childhood and has always been passionate about horses with an equal passion to empower veterans.

Patricia Brown


Pat and Andy both empathize with our fighters, as well as with their horses. They see a strong link between the two and provide our veterans and their horses with that connection by opening up their home and farm to our combat veterans.

Patrick Benson


Patrick Benson is an Army Veteran who served in the Infantry from 1998 to 2004. His numerous military operations enable his understanding of the physical and emotional strain on our combat veterans. As a professional horseman, he manages a training and breeding program for performance horses.

Mindy Curphy


Jesse Bennett


Bruce M. Cappo


Mitchell Flescher


In order to ensure the integrity of the War Horses For Veterans experience and to facilitate the safety and enjoyment of program participants, War Horses for Veterans has a contract with Dr. Bruce Cappo and Dr. Mitchell Flesher of Clinical Associates, P.A. to conduct screening assessments of program applicants. The assessments will be completed in two stages: a brief tele-video interview for initial screening and an in-person evaluation of participants who are under further consideration for the program.

Bruce Michael Cappo, PhD, ABPP

Dr. Cappo founded Clinical Associates, P.A. in 1992, and he is a Board Certified specialist in Police and Public Safety psychology. He has served as president of the Kansas Psychological Association and the Kansas Association of Professional Psychologists. Also, has served on the University of Minnesota Press Advisory Committee related to psychological assessment and is an ad hoc reviewer for several professional psychological journals. His current practice is focused in three areas: forensic evaluations in consultation, evaluations related to public safety, and evaluations for diagnostic clarification and treatment planning.

Mitchell Flesher, PhD, JD

Dr. Flesher is a licensed psychologist and licensed attorney in the state of Kansas. His practice is devoted to clinical and forensic assessment. He completed a postdoctoral fellowship in forensic psychology and has been admitted as an expert witness in forensic and mental health issues throughout Kansas and Missouri. Before entering private practice, he worked as a forensic psychologist in the Kansas Department of Corrections and later as the Veterans Justice Outreach Specialist with the Eastern Kansas VA Healthcare System.