By giving combat veterans the chance to feel a sense of belonging and enjoy the benefits of the country they defended, you empower the aspirations of the men and women who defended us. When you support WHFV, you’re doing much more than supporting the troops; you’re empowering families, neighbors and your community.

$1,500 covers one veteran’s Airfare, hotel and food for the weekend experience.

Top Stud

Our trustiest steeds. The top studs are our are biggest financial supporters and make the biggest impact on what we’re able to do for our veterans.

$1500.00 or more

Stallion Circle

The inner ring. The stallion circle is for those looking to take the next step in donating to War Horses For Veterans. Sign up for regular giving to continue to support your veterans. 

Recommend range between $500.00 – $1,499.00

Colt Club

A club for all. The colt club is for individuals, business or organizations looking to contribute what they can to support War Horses For Veterans.

Recommended range between $25,00 – $499.00