The Saddle Up Club

Together we can help our combat veterans saddle up and ride into life with direction, confidence, and purpose.

When you join the saddle up club, you are giving combat veterans the chance to feel a sense of belonging and enjoy the benefits of the country they defended.

As a monthly donor, you’re doing much more than supporting the troops; you’re empowering a veteran, their family, their neighbors and your community.

Donors are the backbone of our organization, we could not exist without your help. So we hope you will join our Saddle Up Club, and commit to becoming a monthly donor and help us change the lives of these men and woman who have served their country honorably.

Benefits of a monthly donation:

  • Hassle-free automatic payment from your credit card or checking account.
  • We will provide an annual statement for tax purposes.
  • The ability to change or suspend your donation any time.

$5 or more monthly

Helps support our cause

$100 monthly

Pays for travel expenses for a veteran

$50 monthly

Pays for lodging and food for a veteran

$25 monthly

Pays for horse supplies and gear for a veteran